Tidal Flyer Wireless Hydrofoil Controller

For a company in Ireland, Tidal Flyer, I was contracted to developed a system which would allow them to wirelessly control the position of the control foil on a hydrofoil assembly. The company has a large array of hydrofoil assemblies which harnesses energy from low-flow tides. The control foil on each assembly needs to be positioned correctly so that the array continues to rotate. It is a little complicated to explain. Here is their website: https://tidalflyer.com/

How the controller works

There are two parts, the Base Station and the Servo Controller. The Servo Controller receives angles from the Base Station wirelessly and commands the waterproof, high torque servo to go to that position. This servo is coupled to the axle which the control foil rotates around using a custom lathed part and a coupler. The Base Station hosts a wireless access point which the user connects to on their phone or laptop. Once they go to a specific static IP, a control interface appears (see photo below). The Base Station and Servo Control communicate using the LORA rf technique. I designed, built and tested two of these systems for Tidal Flyer.

Usage in Ireland.
The wireless web control interface hosted on the Base Station.
This is one of the Servo Controllers.
Here are two Base Stations.