Robotics 2018

Being first-time competitors in the provincial and national Skills Canada Robotics Competitions, we strived to create a design which completed all of the design objectives of the course. We did not focus on winning but focused on becoming familiar with all of the necessary skills involved in building robots. It was a lot of learning. This is what Michael and I came up with…

Description of The Course

The game is a battle against time. Each team has a side. The teams do not interact with each other. The goal is to build two oil pipelines with wooden pipe cradles and black pipes. The pipelines must be built in the two pipeline pathways defined by the tape lines. Once the pipelines are assembled, a string is pulled to release steel ball bearings (the oil) down the pipeline. If the pipeline is assembled PERFECTLY the ball bearings will roll into the purple Refinery destination. All steel ball bearings which do not make it will roll on the floor and may be picked up and placed into the yellow Hazardous Materials Containment Area. Points are awarded for placing cradles and pipes into the pipeline pathways and getting ball bearings into the refinery area or the hazard containment area. Each round is four minutes. Each ball bearing on the floor after the four minutes will deduct points from the total score.

The Design (Provincials)

The Design (Nationals)

Stationary Robot 2019

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