Lab bench PSU

I found that retail lab bench power supplies were too expensive and did not have the voltage and amperage capabilities that I desired. So I built my own. It can output 48volts at 10amps.

I needed a high voltage high current variable DC power supply to power and charge various motors and batteries. I could not find one in my price range ($150), so I decided to build my own. The DC regulation board was initially placed inside a metal enclosure with an external AC-DC power supply. Eventually, the first black enclosure was created, which moved the AC-DC PSU inside an enclosure. I used this partially completed design for a long while but eventually decided to spend some free time designing one based around an IP65 enclosure off amazon. I also replaced the SMD fuse with one intended for use in a car, allowing for easier replacement. The current power supply version is what is shown in the left photos. See the older versions below. Future additions would be a second variable power supply output, an electric skateboard charging plug, and better passive cooling. I also need to reprint the label on the front since I made a mistake with the specifications when designing it. Whoops. I have been using this power supply for the past five or so years, and it has never failed me. 

Old Version