CoreXY 3D Printer

I am building a large scale, accurate 3D printer capable of printing high temperature engineering grade materials at 10x the speeds of common consumer level printers. Already got a dedicated 20A 120VAC circuit run 🙂

  • 400mm^3 Build Volume
  • 500C Max Nozzle Temperature (100W)
  • Mechanical Bed Tramming
  • Software Mesh Bed Flatness Correction
  • 150C Heated Bed (1000W)
  • 500+ mm/s
  • Input shaper (to compensate for added vibrations from moving so fast)
  • Much more….

This is in early development and I have so many plans for it. 

  • 90C Heated Enclosed Build Chamber
  • Auto Part Removal?
  • Single Nozzle Material Changing (up to 9)?
  • Nozzle Camera? 
  • whatever else I want