A few projects I have done over my life. More coming soon. Currently rebuilding website with some free time. Much more details to come.

This project has been a long, and iterative process. It was started in the summer of 2016 right before I was headed to high school. I was looking for a fun and quick mode of transportation. Started with off the shelf lipo’s and cardboard enclosures, now I have spot-welded my own li-ion pack (10s3p) and 3d printed the enclosures. I am always upgrading it!

3D Printer

I have been rebuilding/rehauling the CR-10 3d printer with many upgrades and refinements.

3D printer bed leveling sensor

Coming soon…

Racing Simulator: E-Brake Conversion

Converted a cheap car e-brake into one that could be recognized by a computer and used in racing games. I don’t have a racing simulator so I sold it to a guy on Kijiji.

Lab bench PSU

I found that retail lab bench power supplies were too expensive and did not have the voltage and amperage capabilities that I desired. So I built my own. I am still working on the enclosure. It can handle 50volts at 15amps.

Super Modified Nerf Gun

Built this to play with at Humans Vs Zombies. Way to powerful. The zombies ran the other way.

Custom modular 3D Printer (Concept)

Under NDA


Under NDA. Envolves plastic and servos!

Custom Racing Drone

I build a custom first-person view racing drone. It is way too fast, and I still have to practice and get used to the controls. It is very different operating it with the fpv goggles on.

Skateboard Light

Created a front and rear light for my electric skateboard. They fit between the trucks and the deck. They light the road around to make me more visible at night. I still need to laser cut a piece of clouded acrylic to try and make the light more uniform. A 3D printed frame with soldered RGB LED light strips.

Gas Bike Kit

I bought a cheap two stroke bike kit off of amazon and a cheap bike off kijiji that would fit it. I got to experiment with gas engines and was a fun little project.


This probably shouldn’t be documented on the internet. 

eBay Profit/Loss Calculator

A calculator I use to estimate my potential profit on items I buy from auction and then resell on eBay.